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It’s a beautiful life and we know you want everyone in your organisation to feel that way – by making wellbeing a
corporate responsibility pillar that keeps your workforce HEALTHY, FIT, PRESENT, RESILIENT.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

The challenges of the “new normal”

These challenges are real. Many organisations are turning to digital solutions to deliver a
workable workplace wellbeing solution for their employees.

So, what if a single app could be that solution?


What if you could turn each employee’s mobile phone into a 24/7 resource for their Health, Fitness, Resilience and State of Mind?


What if you could make wellness accessible to everyone in your organisation?


What if you could monitor the wellbeing culture of your organisation across geographies?

What if that solution was iSabel

  • One AI platform
  • Your employees’ personalised wellbeing support system
  • Your organisation’s tool to monitor workplace wellbeing from a distance
  • One connection to a beautiful life

iSabel looks after your employees across 4 distinct components of wellbeing

Get Centered

iSabel calms and refreshes the mind.

Get Centered

Get Social

iSabel enables the social connection we all need.



iSabel creates more stability, freedom and choice through increasing your financial savvy


Get Active

iSabel promotes physical activity that is vital to optimal wellbeing.

Get active