When you look after your people, they will look
after your business

GEt Started

    A healthier, happier and more creative workforce is up to 13% more productive.


    More engaged workers make 60% fewer mistakes, which translates to cost savings for your organisation.


    Your employees’ calm and stress-free state of mind translates to happier teams, better collaboration and reduced burnout.


    Increased harmony translates to greater staff retention, lowering your spend on recruitment processes as well as staff onboarding and training programmes.


    When you do need to hire, the fact that you have iSabel on board supporting your staff is an irresistible employment benefit that communicates that your people come first.

ProductivitySupporting you as a choice employer

Employers are usually the last to know when there is dissatisfaction and dissent among the workforce. On the iSabel backend, you’ll gain access to insightful reports on the general mood of your employees so that you can take immediate action to provide targeted support to specific geographies and demographic groups.

ProductivityEmployee confidentiality guaranteed

All employee use of the app is confidential, so you won’t have access to who used what. But the reports will give you the information you need to gauge your company culture barometer and step in as needed to change processes or boost morale.

ProductivityNo additional hardware investment needed

iSabel is downloadable as an app to your employees’ personal mobile devices. There are no costly hardware investments to be made to run iSabel. As the employer, you can control access and obtain reports on use through the backend dashboard.

ProductivityOutcome-based pricing model

As iSabel operates on a SaaS model on a subscription basis, you have access to the full suite of iSabel solutions for as long as you are an enrolled member. Monthly or annual fees depend on the number of users and the number of modules selected. These fees are pegged to wellbeing outcomes through a Balanced Scorecard.