Making tailored mental health and well-being resources, services and experiences incredibly accessible to all employees

iSabel is a holistic B2B solution that addresses four pillars of well-being that are relevant in the workplace - mental, social, physical and financial. Our well-being products and services enable organizations to:

  • Gain valuable insights needed to prioritize their corporate well-being efforts
  • Deliver tailored resources and services directly to their teams, conveniently and confidentiality
  • Seamlessly integrate existing health and wellness digital services onto iSabel to enhance user experiences
  • Access on-demand and customizable metrics to suit employer needs when measuring the impact on well-being
  • Select well-being experts from around the world and creating a tailored well-being learning roadmap that’s mapped to their well-being priorities

Learn more about our solution and/or offer by reaching out to us at or by scheduling a full demo of our employee well-being solution.