About Us

It’s such a beautiful life. But since we spend at least a third of it working, the workplace has an enormous impact on our overall well being.

At iSabel, we believe that there needs to be a fundamental change in the way workplace wellbeing works, especially now with the move to hybrid digital workspaces and the effects on wellbeing that will inevitably follow. We are starting to see the genesis of these effects today with employees reporting increased feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression and a marked decrease in physical and social activity.

Workplace wellbeing is about more than simply giving your employees access to fitness programmes, insurance coverage, EAP and health screening. While these are of course critical, such programmes are often operated on a reactive model with focus to solving rather than preventing health and wellbeing decline. The solution needs to be holistic, covering all aspects of wellbeing across health, fitness, nutrition, presence and resilience. That’s a highly complex task, so it makes sense for the solution to be digital.

iSabel enables your organisation to build a culture of wellbeing by integrating the multiple components of wellbeing into one holistic digital solution. Your employees get to use the app confident that their data and use remains confidential while you receive enough anonymous data to enable informed decision-making around the planning and implementation of workplace wellbeing policies.

Let’s make every workday a beautiful day and help your people lead a beautiful life.