Conversations have the power to change lives

By iSabel   |   Feb 02, 2023

Optimal care for our entire being involves holistically attending to our physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Mental health issues affect many of us in our lifetimes, but still, some of us are discouraged from seeking help and end up living with a sense of shame about issues that are beyond our control.

That’s why every year on 2 February, Time to Talk Day is observed to initiate and facilitate tough conversations about mental health with family, friends, co-workers, and society at large. It primarily emphasizes the significance of reaching out to others and being open and honest about their struggles with mental health without worrying about the stigma associated with it.

Let’s break the stigma by

  • talking about mental health
  • sharing our stories and challenges
  • educating ourselves and others about mental illness
  • empowering others rather than shaming and criticizing

This year, let’s set prevention, timely management, and recovery from mental illness as our top health goals for ourselves and others around us. Let’s find time to talk!